When “public health” loses the plot

Content note: dieting, weight loss surgery, fat-phobic healthcare ———————————– A colleague just shared the following tweet from the International Critical Dietetics conference with me: She noted: So it would seem. This is not the first time I’ve come across this very skewed view of what is important in health, and in life. I wrote about…


Enjoy your HAES while it lasts (or is metabolically healthy obesity a myth?)

Yet another study was published this week that challenged the concept of ‘metabolically healthy obesity’. MHO is a phenomenon that has been recognised for over a decade now, with more and more studies coming out that suggest not all fat people are unhealthy. How many exactly varies with study, but a 2011 review found that…


Feeling fat more dangerous than being fat!

Content note: Discussion of scientific paper using medical terms BMI and ‘obesity’ etc. A few years ago, Peter Muennig, a public health researcher at Columbia University in the States, and his colleagues published a really interesting paper looking at the impact of how unhappy we are with our bodies on our physical and mental health.…

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