Get on your bike!

Over here in the UK, a store called Halfords is running their summer ad campaign on TV to get people cycling. Regular readers will be bracing themselves at this point for another rant about how awful and fat shaming it is. Sorry, not this time. I love it. It makes me smile every time I see it.

The ad shows people of all shapes and sizes, all ages, riding their bikes. For fun, for sport, for business, for everyday getting around. Without standing up and saying, hey look at us, we’re being size inclusive, they manage to be (almost) entirely non-body shaming. There is a second of footage near the start where a fat cyclist’s midriff is the focus of the shot. This is a pity, but the rest of the ad makes up for it. Especially the end. (Now you have to watch it all the way through! Don’t worry, it’s only 90 seconds.)

Nicely done Halfords. Just skip the fatty gut shot next time.

Quick note: helmets are not compulsory in the UK. Wear one anyway!! There’s always the invisible helmet if you insist!



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