Movie monsters get fatter: OMG it’s an epidemic!

This evening I had the dubious pleasure of sitting through nearly 3 hours of extremely meh robotic action, appalling dialogues, very off-colour humour, disturbing sexualisation of underage girls, and impressively excess product placement in Transformers: Age of Extinction. The movie spectacularly fails the Bechdel Test, with its main female character spending most of the movie being a damsel in distress in very short shorts, finally showing her worth when she attaches a towing hook onto something, thus allowing her boyfriend to save the world. Actually, she does this twice. Before needing to be rescued again.

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to write about – it just irritated me. And you may have already guessed that I don’t recommend this film. At all. No, what I wanted to write about was Hound, voiced by John Goodman. The original cartoon had Hound with the same studly anthropometric form as the other Autobots – all narrow waist, strapping pecs, and guns to die for. As it were. But the current incarnation has been redrawn to resemble the more portly figure of Goodman himself. In the new movies, Hound is a grizzly, shaggy-bearded, cigar-smoking, cuddle Bot with a heart of gold. Who goes on to save Stanley Tucci’s ‘Joshua Joyce’, despite Joyce previously calling him fat and obsolete. But Hound has the last word: “I’m a fat ballerina who takes names and slits throats!” Just what you want in a 12A movie selling killer toys to kiddies. That and the non-stop torrent of F-bombs. But a brownie point for making a fat robot, who reclaims the word ‘fat’ and is seriously bad-ass.

Another movie cartoon also got a fat makeover recently. The 2014 remake of Godzilla saw some fans complaining that the giant mutant lizard was too fat.  His creators defend him saying “We think our Godzilla is just right and we’re not asking him to go on a diet, even for the red carpet.”

Body shaming is never OK. I’ll leave you with this.


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