Project Not This Year 2013: be a part of it

It’s finally here. The Project Not This Year channel goes live on YouTube today, 26th December, 2012. In case you’ve come straight to this post and don’t know anything about Project Not This Year yet, it involves us all putting our collective feet down and making a different kind of new year’s resolution: we will not get back on the diet rollercoaster – we’re going to make 2013 a year of self-acceptance and self-care. What’s more, we’re not slinking away quietly – we’re going to make a bit of noise about it. If you want to know more, click here to read all about how the idea came about and what was behind it – mostly my journey from there to here, and why I’ll never go back. Otherwise, carry on reading to find out how you can participate.

Where to find the Project Not This Year YouTube channel:

How you can help:

Contribute something yourself (see below). Talk to your friends and spread the word and link to this post and/or the channel. And if you blog/tweet/facebook etc, please do consider writing something or helping to spread the word. (If you’re on twitter, please do include the hashtag #notthisyear2013 and my ID @NevrDietAgnUK)

What you can upload to the Project Not This Year channel:

Well, given that it’s YouTube, movies basically. You can film yourself on your camera or computer, and upload it from there. Alternatively, you can send pictures or text using powerpoint. Make a presentation. Add audio to it if you want. Then use Save As a movie. That’s what I did. If all this seems too complicated but you’d like to take part, just drop me a line and I’ll try and help.

What to do with your diet books:

Whatever you want. For the angry/destructive types, you can rip ‘em, shred ‘em, or just drop them in the bin. Adding your favourite music and a nice bottle of wine, while not obligatory, can only enhance your enjoyment. This can be a solo act of rebellion, or why not get a group of friends together and make it a party.  In the name of eco-friendliness, please do put the bits in the recycling though.

Alternatively, you could recycle in a more creative way. You could make your diet books into sculptures, or mobiles, or a scrapbook. And like all my best ideas, somebody else thought of it first. If you’re not the arty type, but would like your diet books to go to something more constructive than the dustbin, how about sending them to Brenda Oelbaum, who uses them for her Venus of Willendorf project. That’s Brenda on the right there. Visit her website to find out more about her work or to get in touch with her.

Update 1st Jan 2013: The awesome activists at the Size Diversity Task Force have picked up the baton and are running and running with it. Their idea is to turn the stuff into a Guiness World Record breaking size-positive sculpture. Find out more and get involved on their page (and you don’t need to have any diet books to help out).

What else to do if you don’t have any diet books but want to take part in Project Not This Year:

A couple of thoughts, but anything goes really. (1) get some – rescue some from charity shops or ask around among your friends and family; (2) write or record something about why you don’t have any diet books – why you never dieted, or why you stopped, what you did with your old books if you got rid of them a while ago, what it meant to you, what message you’d like to send to PNTY 2013 – anything really.

In the end, although this all started with old, forlorn diet books, tested and found wanting, gathering dust on my shelves, and how I could dispose of them without passing on the misery to another poor unsuspecting soul, in the end, it was less about the books and more about the journey. While hubby took dozens of photos of my mother and my mother-in-law helping me do the deed over MIL’s brandy chocolate mousse on Xmas day, only one of them made it into the end product. Because it wasn’t really about diet books. It was about self-discovery and self-acceptance. It was about standing up and fighting back. It was about finding my voice. You can watch my offering here.

How to upload to the channel:

Simply email your movie, as an attachment, to this email address:

Anything else?

Just FYI, comments are enabled but moderated on the channel, so the trolls won’t get a look in.

If you have any questions or want to contact me about Project Not This Year, drop me a line at:


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