What am I doing wrong?

Before I started on this 30-day blogging challenge, I hadn’t posted since September last year. As a result, my regular viewing numbers were pretty low – just people who accidentally came across my blog, usually by typing “cracker and water diet” into google, which took them to this post. I hope I didn’t disappoint them too much.

Anyway, over the last three weeks or so, the numbers have been mostly between about 50 and 100 each day. And then the day before yesterday I logged in and saw this:

655! I tried to think – had I written something particularly topical the day before? Something likely to get shared a lot? Not really. Where had all this traffic come from?

Well you may ask. Over 500 had come from reddit. I don’t know which board, all I know is reddit. My heart turned to ice.

I’m not on reddit, don’t use it, don’t have any interest. But I’ve heard enough from my fellow activists to be aware of what reddit attention on a fat-pos blog usually means. I moderate comments so I looked at my pending list. Nothing. (Well, two, but not, like, you know, 2000.)

I contacted a fellow blogger and friend with experience of reddit and asked him whether there was any way this was likely to be a good thing, or at least a neutral thing, or if I should prepare myself for the deluge. His reply? “Brace yourself for the worst.”

So I have. Three days later and still nothing. Not a troll in sight.

A couple of weeks ago, awesome fat activist Ragen Chastain, who writes the blog Dances with Fat (seriously, if you’re not reading it, you should. now!) moved into a new apartment. In case you don’t know, bit of background, she is a dancer and choreographer – this is relevant to the story. Anyhow, she posted the following on her facebook page (reproduced with permission):

After unpacking my gown and costume closet I checked my e-mail and mulled over the fact that I’ve become completely accustomed to people wishing me death and diseases every single day. My life is strange in a number of ways.

The comments in the facebook thread below this post went mostly something like: “OMG, you have a GOWN AND COSTUME CLOSET??!”

I tell this story to indicate just how ‘normal’ it is for size acceptance bloggers, tweeps, or other people who dare to be  FIP (fat in public) or FOTI (fat on the internet), to get the most obscene, hateful, revolting kickback about what we do – you know, like suggesting that fatties are human beings.

But I have yet to attract a troll. I’m beginning to feel like a total failure as an activist!

But seriously. I’ve been lucky so far, but nobody should have to put up with this crap.


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