When fat people are fat in public

A few days ago, Linda Kelsey wrote a fat-hating diatribe in the Daily Mail, in which she railed against the horrors of fat people being fat in public, and wearing, you know, clothes and shit. I won’t link to it. And I’m also not going to write another response – the Fatosphere has already produced plenty of fantastic posts on the topic, and if you’re still reeling, or just want help finding the words to explain to other people why this article was so problematic, here’s a selection:

In her own response, ‘Thank you, weight bigot‘, activist Marilyn Wann suggests that these extremist views help to forward the acceptance agenda as people become aware of how truly bigoted and unacceptable such a position is. I wonder if that’s true.

My friend Jenny Jameson of F*ck The Diets likes to say that it always amazes her that DM readers can get their knuckles off the ground for long enough to type their hate-filled comments, so no surprises there. And no surprise that the activists have kicked back. But I wonder about the people in between. I wonder if they really are reviled by this kind of article, or whether they nod along, agreeing, and glad that somebody besides them said what they were thinking. 

I actually don’t know. I seem to have surrounded myself with wonderful, empowering, body positive people of all shapes and sizes. I highly recommend this as a lifestyle choice. But while there are more and more of us, we are still not the majority, not the norm. If anyone knows any ‘normal’ people, I’d be interested in your opinions on this.

And I hope those girls had one hell of a holiday!


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  1. I think people come in all shapes and sizes, it is nasty for people to comment on anyones weight, there is a lot more to people than appearance, everyone has something good about them. Unfortunately people do stare, but that is not nice for the person who they stare at…………God bless everyone, however they look…..

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