Have you tried diet after diet only to end up bigger than you were to start with?

Does what you weigh on the scale in the morning dictate how your whole day goes? Do you dread summertime because you’re embarrassed for anyone to see your arms? Do you feel like every meal is a potential disaster where you might lose control and eat until you explode?

If this sounds like you, imagine what it would feel like to be free of all that.

  • You could be in total control of your food, and not the other way around.
  • You could eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full, without giving it a moment’s thought.
  • You could feel at home in your own body and never again feel crushed when you catch your reflection in a shop window.
  • Maybe, one day, you could even like what you seen when you look in the mirror.

Does that sound impossible? It isn’t.

I used to be just the same, so I honestly know what it’s like to be that scared, to wonder if you can ever be trusted to control yourself, to never believe you are good enough. But I can tell you, we don’t need to live like that. We do have another choice. We can say goodbye to the entire dieting rollercoaster and regain our self-confidence, our self-worth, our self-esteem. It can be done.

I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it. I’ve seen others live it. If we can do it, you can do it too.

For me, I’d been overweight or obese for most of my adult life despite diet after diet, and one exercise plan after another, and I spent years trying to figure out why. I tried studying more, I thought if I knew more, maybe I could do something about it. I studied nutrition and exercise science, I qualified as a personal trainer, but the more I learned, the fatter I got. I even did a Master’s degree in Weight Management, trying to figure out what was wrong with me, why I couldn’t just lose weight and keep it off. And then, right at the end of my Master’s course, I just happened to stumble across something I’d never seen before.

It was about the effects of fitness on health outcomes at different weights, and it showed that fitness was more important than fatness, that if you were fit, your weight didn’t even come into it. This was so shocking to me – why had I never heard this before, with all of my training, all of my reading, and I had no idea that this was out there. And for the first time, I started looking for more information about this. And as a scientist, I looked at the science and it turns out, there was just so much of it. It wasn’t just fitness that made a difference. All sorts of things come into the weight and health equation that I’d had no idea about, despite all of my training.

But it all basically comes down to ‘respect your body’. Trusting your body to do right by you rather than forcing it to be something it isn’t. Start taking proper care of yourself. And not by going on another diet that isn’t going to ‘work’ anyway in the long term and will likely do you more harm than good to boot. So much I hadn’t known. At the end of the day, it was the science that convinced me, given my background. This isn’t some little philosophy I dreamed up because I was fed up of failed diets. What I now know to be called Health At Every Size (HAES)® – a non-weight focussed approach to health and wellbeing, makes so much more sense, is so much better supported, than everything we’re being told about weight and health. And it completely changed my life.

And then I got really angry about all the lies I’d been told, all the wasted years, all the unnecessary self-loathing, and I see other people still going through that cycle of failure and shame. That’s why I started up Never Diet Again, to introduce other people to HAES and help give them their lives back, the way that it helped me to finally reclaim mine. So come along to this workshop and get some of my best tips and tools to stop dieting, gain control of your eating, and start actually liking your body. Let me help you learn how to be healthy and happy right now, not in [insert number of stones weight loss here].

I’m not going to promise to turn you into a whole new you. I’m going to help you find the old you. The one that’s been hidden all these years.

You’ll be able to explore any questions or concerns in a totally supportive environment. I keep group sizes small for this very reason, but I have to tell you, the power of working through this process with other people who have been through exactly what you’ve been through can’t be underestimated. This on its own will help you realise, it’s really not you. It’s what everyone has been telling you to do that led to the disordered eating, the yo-yoing weight, the body hatred. These things have nothing to do with who you are or who you can be.

The Break the Cycle workshop

This is what we’ll cover during the day: (oh, and I’ll feed you too – lunch and refreshments are included)

    • I’ll help you understand why you were never designed to win the weight-loss battle with your body, and how everything everybody was telling you to do was wrong for you. Believe me, the relief and sense of freedom just from understanding that will feel like a weight off your shoulders. I know that’s not usually where we worry about our weight being, but that’s the stuff that’s really slowing you down and holding you back – not the stuff round your middle!
    • You’ll also learn how to go about wresting back control of your eating. It may be hard to believe after a lifetime of dieting, but eating sensibly whilst not dieting is a damn sight easier than the other way round! It’s not about counting, or measuring, or balancing. In fact, once you learn to eat intuitively, it’ll be one of the easiest, most natural things you’ll ever do.
    • But the third part of your day will be where the real magic happens. Your transformation. The bit where you get a whole new outlook on life, and actually start living it the way you’ve always wanted to. You may not believe right now that you can ever be happy in the body you’ve got, but taking the first steps on this journey will do more for your health and happiness than anything you’ve ever tried before. You’ve put yourself through enough over the years. Now it’s time to start treating yourself with the love and kindness you’ve always reserved for others. You deserve no less.

Places are strictly limited so sign up now to reserve your spot and claim your early-bird bonus.

Plus, if you’re not happy with the workshop and don’t see the improvements in your life in just 30 days, I’ll give you your money back. Really.

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Still not sure? Here are some of the things other people have said.

“If you’d told me that I’d learn to actually like my body in just one day, this body, I would never have believed it. But I’m so much happier now. All those years trying to fight my body, and all I needed to do was to trust it. It’s like being released from captivity. It’s been completely life changing.”

Lauren, Manchester

“Angela introduced me to Health At Every Size (HAES) and it really set me free. Previously I had been teaching weight loss to my clients and feeling like a bit of a fraud as I no longer believed in the traditional weight loss methods. HAES was the missing link. And Angela presented it to me in a passionate way that was easy to understand.

Angela is an inspiring person who also has a lot of knowledge. She took the time to connect with me and help me when I met her whilst doing an MSc in Weight Management. I highly recommend Angela as an Educator and HAES Leader.”

Julie Ritchie, www.juliemarycarmen.com


““Health At Every Size was the “final piece in the puzzle” in my recovery from Binge Eating Disorder. Using HAES allows me to avoid the exhausting dieting roller coaster and focus on behaviours that actually make me feel emotionally and physically better day in and out. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Angela, she’s been so helpful to me in understanding the science behind HAES. She is a fierce advocate and her compassion shines through everything she does.”

Lisa, Boston

greedy man The UK diet industry is worth in the region of £2 billion a year. The average yo-yo dieter spends over £500 a year on gym memberships, diet foods, miracle weight-loss supplements, exercise equipment, and this-is-the-one diet books. And what did we get for all of our hard-earned cash? 98% of dieters regain all of the weight they lose and most of then end up heavier that when they started. I know I did. Enough is enough.

“Yourself, your friends and your colleagues are the best kept secret of the diet world. If we were all more accepting of ourselves and others and the skin we are in we could worry about more important things and spend less of our hard earned cash on lining the pockets of the diet industry. Everyone should know about you. I have Googled diets so many times it never occurred to me to type never diet again, something so simple with the power to be so life changing. Best of all I have stopped stressing about my weight/size, stopped getting on the scales every other day and am getting on with living and it feels good!”

Carol, Stoke-on-Trent

If you are fed up of spending money on programmes that don’t work, shelf-fulls of diet books that haven’t gotten you slimmer, and never want to see a low-fat ready meal again for as long as you live, maybe it’s time to consider a new approach. One that isn’t based on weight loss, but one that will actually give you the life that you want.

No risk money-back guarantee

Still waivering? How about this – if after 30 days you aren’t already feeling better about yourself, I’ll refund your money. No questions asked. Don’t miss out. This will be the only northern workshop in 2013, so click below to claim your spot.

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  1. [...] at the end of this month in Manchester. I would love to see you there. It’s called “Break the cycle: get off the dieting rollercoaster once and for all.” If you’re interested, you can read more about the day and buy tickets at the website. [...]

  2. I would love to come
    however I live in Australia
    when are you coming here or do you have people out here that I don’t know of
    I was 110kg
    went to WW got down to 67kg (silliness)
    now back to 106kgs
    and completely tired of it all

    good luck with your day and think of us in os